The Rift (TV Pilot)


The Rift is about a group of strangers who are lured to a luxurious resort in the Colorado Rockies. Among them is Reagan Hall, a former U.S. Representative who learns of an assassination plot against him. On the night Reagan arrives, an alarming incident sets off military-like emergency protocols within the facility and cuts off all access to the outside world.


As Reagan and the others search for a way out, he must also try to discover who would want to kill a former congressman and how the plot is connected to this mysterious facility. 


If LOST and Person of Interest had a baby, it might be The Rift. 


Stick Horse Productions


Stick Horse Productions was born out of Jared's philosophy on scriptwriting and filmmaking. It's meant to be a conversation-starter about a wonderful, universal element of human culture: stories.


Every known culture in the history of mankind has had stories. We’re hardwired for them as children playing the part of explorers, superheroes, or, perhaps, pretending that a stick horse is a flesh and blood steed, spiriting us across the Old West. For Jared, who grew up on a farm surrounded by horses, it was sometimes the latter.


As we grow older, stories create meaning in our lives as part of our search for significance. We use them to explain where we came from and where we're going. Finally, we become concerned about the legacy we leave after we’re gone — what the story of our life will be.