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Below are sample pages from a few of the scripts that Jared has written, along with a brief synopsis of each. Click on the image of each page to enlarge it. 

The Devil's Rose (Feature Film)


In the year 2071, Earth's space programs are little more than astronomy labs in orbit. When former astronaut Alex Lincoln receives an offer to become captain of a new privately-owned ship, he can't bring himself to turn it down in spite of a big catch: Neither he nor the crew will learn the details of their mission until they reach deep space.


Lincoln and the crew soon find themselves far from home, chasing a derelict ship lost in an alien storm years earlier. What they discover leads to a terrifying question: Are they any safer on their own ship than on a long-lost ghost ship?

Missing the Plate (Short Film)


When Scott's minor league baseball career fizzles out, he finds himself busing tables back in the town where he was once a high school phenom. He takes one emotional hit after another, starting when he encounters Brad, an old opponent from a rival school who has now become a professional success.


Scott's downward spiral continues as he begins to see a depressing vision of his own future in an older co-worker, all while he is forced to take orders from a college-aged manager. The chain of events ultimately leads him back to the place where he was once a star, where a fateful decision awaits him. 

Black Sheep (Short Film)​


Anna, a clear Type A personality, has succeeded in life in spite of her alcoholic mother and "idiot" brother. Nevertheless, she has accumulated a lifetime of frustration in only 25 years, leaving a boiling rage beneath the surface of her calm demeanor.


When she learns that her brother Bryson has made one of his worst mistakes yet, the fallout could mean the end for one or both of the siblings in this farcical tale.  

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